About us

Who We Are

GAASuper6 are a 100% Irish Company rooted in GAA culture. We are acutely aware of the cost challenges faced by clubs with rising costs and traditional funding sources drying up. Our aim is to help clubs generate extra revenue streams and see funds injected back into the grassroots level of the organisation, to ensure GAA clubs continue to thrive the length and breadth of the country.

The Concept

Our concept is very simple, we enable participants to take part in a weekly competition involving 6 major GAA games for €2, in doing so they nominate an affiliated GAA club which automatically earns 20% of the fee, and continues to do so every time an entrant selects them. Our platform enables GAA clubs to tap into the online market and benefit from repeat income without significant effort, cost or administration.

The Vision

Our vision is to develop a long term sustainable business which continues to provide financial support for GAA clubs throughout the country at no expense to them. As we grow the level of funding and support will also grow and we will aim to extend our support to clubs in other ways in the future.

Why Play GAASuper6

Each entrant who participates in our weekly competition nominate’s a registered GAA club to which they may or may not be affiliated.

20 cent out of every €2 entry goes to your nominated GAA club.

Additionally the club nominated by the weekly winner/s will receive an additional 20% of the overall pot for that week which could be a significant financial windfall.

The more people who play and nominate your club, the more your club benefits from nomination funds and the higher the chances of a weekly winner, the more who play nationwide, the bigger the pot for all..! So get playing…..!

There is no maximum pot limit, but the minimum pot amount every week will be €100.

The pot is won or shared every week

An additional BONUS POT of €5,000 (unless otherwise specified). To be won every week if you predict 4 correct scores


Predict the scores of the games listed - or use the lucky dip option to assist

Submit up to a maximum of 5 predictions per game week per participant, This is in keeping with the ethos of our vision and to ensure that no one over spends, this should be a fun and competitive way to generate funds.

It does however offer you the possibility of winning serious funds, for yourself and your GAA club all for less than the price of a coffee and scone…! (and that’s for 5 plays..! )

Sit back relax, enjoy the game’s and watch yourself climb up the leaderboard as the results go your way. Become the local hero of your GAA club by topping the leader board, not to mention a lot better off..!


So which clubs are the best fundraises ? ....The more people you get to enter, the greater the funds raised for your nominated GAA club – and also the greater the chances of winnings for yourself and your club.

Monitor how your club are doing by looking at the club leader board table on our website.


All our payments are processed and handled by established, well recognised and secure gateways. SMS payments are processed by TELCLIC used by organisations such as donedeal, adverts, carzone, 2bill, parkbytext, to name but a few.

Credit Card payments are processed by CashFlows, used globally by numerous Eurpean companies across the globe. All payment services are fully PCI complient, and inline with FSA legislation.

** We adhere to FSA Legislation which we constantly monitor, and are also in line with DPC protocols and procdures. All payments are processed and handled by PCI complaint and secure parties. No personal credit card information is stored or held on our database’s. **